Pork Sausage

Pork Sausage

Posted by Mark Hinson on 13th Sep 2018

"Thought I would share my experience with A.C Legg's Old Plantation Blend 10 Seasoning.

To start, I have been using my family's age old recipe my whole life.

My wife has always like the flavor (of my family recipe) but the spice was just too much for her.

I tried toning it down for her and it just wouldn't turn out right. 

It made me want to search for the perfect seasoning for her and the kids. (I wasn't ready to sleep in the dog house over sausage)

I found Butcher Supply Company online through some other blogs I am associated to. 

So I went on their page and found the Blend 10 and read some reviews about it and also checked it out on Amazon ($5.50 Per Bag, HA!) I also read the reviews on there as well and went a head and ordered it from Butcher Supply ($2.99 Per Bag, Ka-Chow!). 

I was very impressed with how fast I got my order (two days after I ordered) and the next day I went on to make 25 lbs of the seasoning (1 Bag does 25 lbs)

A couple of mornings later I fried up some patties for my wife and myself and after the first bite I realized my family had no idea how to make sausage seasoning.

We can't get enough of this stuff! Needless to say we have made the switch from the age old family recipe to A.C Legg's Old Plantation Blend 10.

I do enjoy bringing my two pound cloth sausage sacks (also bought from Butcher Supply Company) to family members and telling them try this new seasoning I came up with (-_-)

I get the same reaction from everyone which is "Man this sausage is awesome, Give me the recipe"

I felt that I needed to share this for everyone who is on the fence about trying out the Blend 10

Thanks Mark Hinson"


Thank you for sharing this with us!

We appreciate all the feedback we can get!

-Butcher Supply